Fergusson College has 127 years of history as the flagship of higher education in Pune. Alma Mater to leaders across the entire spectrum of societal positions: Prime-Ministers, Industrialists, Doctors, Engineers, Academicians, Scientists, Litterateurs, Artistes, and Sportspersons.

The College offers a three tier package, beginning with the Junior college that caters to students passing out from school. Comprehensive courses are offered in both Arts and Science streams, preparing students to launch out into professional courses or continue on towards graduate studies in the Senior College.

At the Senior college, students can work towards a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in a range of subjects spanning Languages, Social Sciences, Humanities or a Bachelor of Science degree in any one of the traditional Natural Sciences or in cutting edge subjects like Computer Science, Biotechnology, Electronic Science, Microbiology.

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Arts Science Computer Science Bio Technology
  XI Arts Grantable
  XII Arts Grantable
  XII Arts (Form no. 17)

  F.Y. B.A. Grantable(Application)
  F.Y. B.A. Grantable

  S.Y.B.A. Grantable(Application)
  S.Y.B.A. Grantable(Admission Form)

  T.Y.B.A. Grantable

  F.Y.B.A. Non-Grant(Application)
  F.Y.B.A. Non-Grant
  S.Y.B.A. Non-Grant(Application)
  S.Y.B.A. Non-Grant(Admission Form)

  T.Y.B.A. Non-Grant

  MA I English Grantable(Application)
  MA I English Grantable
  MA II English Grantable

  MA I Economics Grantable(Application)
  MA I Economics Grantable
  MA II Economics Grantable

  MA I Marathi Grantable(Application)
  MA I Marathi Grantable
  MA II Marathi Grantable

  MA I Psychology Non-Grant (Application)

  MA I Psychology Non-Grant
  MA II Psychology Non-Grant
  XI Science Grantable Pure Science

  XII Science Grantable Pure Science
  XII Science Grantable & Bifocal Grant
  XII Science Grantable IT non grant
  XII Science (Form no.17)

  XI Science Non-Grant Pure Science

  XII Science Non-Grantable Pure Science
  XII Science Non-Grantable & Bifocal non grant
  XII Science Non-Grantable IT non grant
  XII Science Grantable & Bifocal non grant

  FY BSc Grantable(Application)
  FY BSc Grantable

  FY BSc Non-Grant(Application)
  FY BSc Non-Grantable

  FY BSc Animation(Application)
  FY BSc Animation(Admission)

  SY BSc Animation

  TY BSc Animation

  SY BSc Grantable

  SY BSc Non-Grant

  TY BSc Grantable

  TY BSc (Microbilology)

  TY BSc (Environmental Science)

  MSc I Physics Grantable(Application)
  MSc I Physics Grantable
  MSc II Physics Grantable

  MSc I Botany Non-Grant(Application)
  MSc I Botany Non-Grant
  Msc-II Botany Non-grant

  MSC I Org. Chem. Non-Grant(Application)
  MSC I Org. Chem. Non-Grant
  MSC II Org. Chem. Non-Grant

  MSc I Ana. Chem. Non-Grant(Application)
  MSc I Ana. Chem. Non-Grant
  MSc II Ana. Chem. Non-Grant

  MSc I Biochemistry Non-Grant(Application)
  MSc I Biochemistry Non-Grant
  MSc II Biochemistry Non-Grant

  MSc I Elect. Science Non-Grant(Application)
  MSc I Elect. Science Non-Grant
  MSc II Elect. Science Non-Grant

  MSc I Env. Science Non-Grant(Application)
  MSc I Env. Science Non-Grant
  MSc II Env. Science Non-Grant

  MSc I Geology Non-Grant(Application)
  MSc I Geology Non-Grant
  MSc II Geology Non-Grant

  MSc I Microbiology Non-Grant(Application)
  MSc I Microbiology Non-Grant
  MSc II Microbiology Non-Grant

  MSc I Physics Non-Grant(Application)
  MSc I Physics Non-Grant
  MSc II Physics Non-Grant

  FY BSc Non-Grant(Application)
  FY BSc Non-Grant

  SY BSc Non-Grant
  TY BSc Non-Grant

  MSc I Comp. Science Non-Grant
  MSc II Comp. Science Non-Grant

   MSc Tech I Ind. Maths Non-Grant
  MSc Tech II Ind. Maths Non-Grant
  MSc Tech III Ind. Maths Non-Grant

  MCA I Comp. Science Non-Grant
  MCA II Comp. Science Non-Grant
  MCA III Comp. Science Non-Grant

  Online Entrance Exam for

  FY BSc Non-Grant(Application)
  FY BSc Non-Grant

  SY BSc Non-Grant
  TY BSc Non-Grant

  MSc I Biotechnology Non-Grant
  MSc II Biotechnology Non-Grant

  Entrance Exam form for BSc.
  Entrance Exam form for MSc.

   Application for Unique ID FRO.
B Vocational
   FY B Vocational(Media & Communication)(Application Form)

   FY B Vocational(Digital Art & Animation)(Application Form)

   FY B Vocational(Media & Communication)(Admission Form)

   FY B Vocational(Digital Art & Animation)(Admission Form)